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are you NEW to dōTERRA?

would you like to experience essential oils at very little cost to YOU?

You're in the right place!

EO Studies Testimonials

"You can actually feel the Deep Blue working, much like a Bengay cream, but without all the chemicals."
Pain Study
"I learned that something so simple as applying an oil to your feet before bed, or breathing in, can make such a difference in the quality of one's sleep."
Sleep Study
"I felt calm, more focused and less uneasy . My stress levels became smaller and I was able to breathe."
Stress Study
"I was surprised by the level of relief! It was great! Thank you!"
Digestive Study
" I was surprised How fast the oils helped the tension."
Pain Study
"I noticed that when I was having a anxious moment, using Adaptiv aromatically really helped calm my nerves."
Stress Study
"I didn’t believe when I heard that oils could reduce my sleep issues. Then when I used the pills, I knocked out in less than an hour."
Sleep Study
"Relief was instantly and almost unbelievable...I know this oil works!"
Digestive Study
"Sometimes I get extremely irritable when I'm stressed, but I noticed Adaptiv helps calm me."
Stress Study
"I felt well rested and more energized upon waking up."
Sleep Study
"I felt the Deep Blue went deep enough to feel on a tissue level with Copaiba feeling it more on a cellular level."
Pain Study
"Immediately I felt less bloating."
Digestive Study
Lavendar on Dryer Ball-min.jpeg

HOW IT WORKS: We often conduct essential oils studies for those that want to experience how essential oils support overall health and wellness. You will receive 3 protocols to use for free (you only pay a small $5 shipping and handling fee), and you would report back to us regarding your experience and personal results. Your feedback will help us learn more about which oils work best so we can serve people more effectively. 

  1. Fill out a Pre and Post Study Survey

  2. Be active in our Halo of Health Essential Oil Education & Wellness Facebook Group 

  3. Use Protocols for 7 days

  4. Join Kick Off & Wrap Up Webinars

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