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Emotions, Essential Oils & Crystals

Updated: Apr 28

Did you know that our emotional health has a direct impact on our physical well being?

Emotions trigger peptides (information- carrying molecules) that bind to and react with cell receptors. This means that our emotional state can make us feel physically uneasy or downright sick!

Think about this the next time you are watching a movie!!

  • ​If it is suspenseful, you may feel physically elated or feel your heart pumping right out of your chest!

  • If its a scary movie, you may feel anxious, stressed or the need to cover your eyes!

  • If it's a sad movie, you may get a lump in your throat or be brought to tears!

This happens because EMOTIONS are felt, our body processes this and a physical reaction occurs.

The same thing happens when we are emotionally triggered. Someone cuts us off in traffic, says something mean or is judgmental of us etc... How we react emotionally has a direct impact on how we FEEL physically.

Science reveals there are complex neural- processing functions in the mind, heart and gut!

When we feel the EMOTION in these areas, we can feel:

  • Mind (Head tension)

  • Heart (Panic attack or shortness of breath)

  • Gut (Digestive issues or feeling of butterflies)

One we learn how to be aware of our emotions, we can enhance our physical well being in so many ways.

I have been blessed to be working at the Enchanted Forrest Reiki Center for over 4 years! I am grateful to have over 9 years of essential oil teaching and experience and have taught hundreds of classes on essential oils for overall health as well as emotional healing!

One of the main tips I teach in my emotional healing classes is that when you are feeling STRESSED, TRIGGERED or ON FIRE with your emotions, you do 3 things.



and ROLL!

  1. Stop whatever it is that is triggering you or at least step away for a moment.

  2. Drop an essential oil into your hands favorites are doTERRA's Citrus Bliss, Cheer, Balance or Adaptiv.

  3. Roll your hands together and take 4 DEEP inhalations!

Breathe in for 4

Hold for 4

Exhale for 4

Hold for 4

Repeat this 4 times. This is called 4 square breathing and can bring down your heart rate and calm your nervous system immediately.

Some affirmations I love to say:

  • When inhaling: Light Love Abundance Peace

  • When exhaling: Release, Relax, Allow, LET GO!

​So what oils do you use for each emotion? Below is a quick reference for you! If you are feeling anxious, use herbs, florals, trees and roots to feel grounded, calm and in the present moment. If you are feeling down and heavy with grief or sadness, grab citrus oils, spices or mint to lift mood.

When we pair the power of plants with the power of the earth, we can get even more support. Check out the information below on the energy behind the crystals.

Amethyst Intuition • Relaxation • Clarity

Amethyst Tumbled Stone is the exact kind of relaxing energy that we could all use after a long day. Allow its energy to soothe away the day-to-day stresses that keep you up at night. It is a wonderful crystal to keep in your bedroom to encourage restful sleep. Working with it enhances your intuition and empowers you to trust it.

Aventurine Luck • Abundance • Confidence

If you are looking for Good Luck-- Aventurine Tumbled Stone is what you want! While playfully referred to as the gambler’s stone, it is said to be one of the luckiest crystals. Working with it graces the spirit with a sense of excitement and optimism that makes jumping out of your comfort zone less scary.

Carnelian Creativity • Motivation • Confidence

Carnelian Tumbled Stone is the life of the party. Creative and confident, it motivates a rush of vibrancy within the sacral chakra to stimulate your inner star. Working with it will lend a sense of power that can prove especially beneficial for anyone needing to break through creative blocks or those embarking on new projects.

Lapis Lazuli Awareness • Inner Wisdom •Trust

Realize your spiritual potential with the high vibrational energy of Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone. Filled with the awareness and wisdom this stone brings, you begin to realize that you already have all the answers you seek within. Working with Lapis Lazuli encourages you to tap into your inner wisdom and trust yourself.

Red Jasper Stability • Foundation • Action

The energy of Red Jasper Tumbled Stones seems to hug you with its comforting essence. It supports you in strengthening your foundation so that you feel stable enough to start taking action in your life. Working with it helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions.

Tiger’s Eye Power • Courage • Understanding

Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone shifts your outlook so that you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Is there a new hobby you’d like to try? A solution to a problem you haven’t considered? An aspect to yourself that you haven’t indulged? Working with it grounds you in the power you need to inspire courage to pursue new ventures.

​Turquoise Health • Healing • Renewal

A Turquoise Stone is a Master Healer that brings powerful healing energies to your mind, body and spirit. It promotes energy flow throughout your body while aiding in the body’s natural cycle or renewal and regeneration.

Join for an upcoming class to make your OWN personalized roller here in Las Vegas at the Enchanted Forrest Reiki Center.

Click HERE for my upcoming schedule!

A BOUNS tip! Affirmations are POWERFUL and if said over time can literally change your life! Did you know there are core emotional properties of each essential oil??

To learn more about this, check out this book HERE

Below are some affirmations that are connected to each essential oil!*

Thanks to my friend Mary Crimmins for sharing these with me!

Remember to say these when you get triggered and come join me online or in person to learn more!

*Not all essential oil are created equally and some are toxic, synthetically made and can even be harmful to your health. I ONLY recommend the doTERRA brand because of the strict testing, peer reviewed research and unending education.

To check out the ONLY oils I recommend, I invite you to check out my doTERRA website, HERE

To see some of the starter kits I recommend, click HERE

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