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Detox your Home & Life!

Updated: Apr 28

Did you know that we are being bombarded with chemicals on a daily basis?

We can't get away from them. They are literally EVERYWHERE!

Even though we can't dodge all of these bullets, we can CHOOSE better products with less toxins to clean our homes, keep ourselves healthy and switch out personal hygiene products that just may be making us sick!

I am blessed and so honored to have been featured in the doTERRA Red Rock Lifestyle Magazine where I go into more detail on tips, suggestions and ideas on how to start detoxing your home and body!

So WHERE should you start when it comes to adding natural and safe solutions into your home?

With someone who is knowledgable, passionate and who truly cares about your health.

PSST, That's ME!

If you would like to start smaller, I suggest getting started with this simple kit that helps with natural solutions for:

  • Deep Blue ~ Tension, Sore Muscles or Body Aches

  • Lemon ~ Cleansing & Respiratory Support

  • OnGuard ~ Boosting Immunity and Kicking the Crud FAST

  • Serenity ~ Sleep, Stress and Anxiousness

  • OnGuard Hand Sanitizer ~ Kill 99.9% of all germs naturally!

  • OnGuard Hand Soap ~ Hand Soap that Kills Germs and Boosts Immunity

  • OnGuard Concentrated Cleaner ~ For ALL THE THINGS! We clean our toilets, countertops, door knobs, floors, sink and even our fruits and veggies with this!! Love how it's safe and kills germs on surfaces for over 7 days!!

Total is $144.50

Plus this bundle above comes with ongoing support, continuing education, and a 45 minute consult with me!

I look forward to supporting you as you detox your home, body and start living a less toxic and more natural life.

God Bless you and Be well!

When we give our body the tools it needs, IT WILL THRIVE!



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